The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, June 29, 2022

As the waves of the Cancer New Moon energies begin to subside, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces, giving you the ability to clearly see what has previously been hidden. Neptune is the planet that rules unconditional love, dreams, spirituality, fantasy, and illusion. It is at home in the watery realm of Pisces, where it flourishes … Read more

The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes, Tuesday, June 28, 2022

There’s only one downside to this day, and it’s that today comes with tears and hypersensitive behavior. If we look at our lives right now, we might not be able to put our finger on exactly what’s bugging us, but we’ll concede to the idea that it’s … everything. And that’s pretty general. If everything … Read more